Pastor’s Corner


1st Samuel 17:4, 8-10

Part 1

Introduction: A bully is a age old problem. What is a bully? Here is the definition from the dictionary. A bully is a person who uses strength or power to harm or intimidate those who are weaker.

There have been bullies throughout the Bible. You could call Pharaoh a bully. You could call Herod a bully. You could call Jezebel a bully. You would certainly call Nebuchadnezzar a bully.

But the ultimate bully in the Bible would be Goliath the biggest bully in the Bible. He would be approximately nine foot nine inches tall. That is tall in anyone’s book. That is almost twice my height.

I remember a few bullies in my life. I had not been saved very long and working in a state park that summer. A fellow by the name of Jeff really did not like me. To this day, I am not sure why. That is not important. He would hit on me and such. He was a bully. I remember how I did not know what to do. I had only been saved about two months. I was eating lunch and was reading my New Testament that had a selection of Psalms in it. I ran across this verse and it became the first promise I learned in the scriptures.

Psalm 27:1

The LORD is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? the LORD is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?”

I remember thinking with the two phrases- “whom shall I fear?” and “whom shall I be afraid?”. I told the Lord the truth of the matter. I knew whom I feared and was afraid. It is not wrong to tell your fear to the Lord. You tell Him for He can and will help you. It was Jeff, Lord I feared. I was being honest with the Lord. I did not run to my supervisor. I did not tell the Forest Ranger. I told the Lord. It is marvelous when the Lord works out the problem without help from us. Jeff knew that if he was caught hitting me, he would be fired. He told me for weeks before the end of the summer that the last day he would get his licks. I was really afraid. My heart knew what God said was true but I was not sure how it was going to work out. One of the men who worked with us that summer was a man’s man. He took Jeff aside and told him that he was not to touch that young preacher and Jeff must have took the advice to heart because he did not touch me. However he started up at school. I asked the Lord for help. One day he stopped attending high school. When I inquired why, it seems his father took a job in another state. Over the years, I have thought about him and prayed that a soulwinner would lead him to Christ.

When I was involved with the firearms accident with my foot, it was bullied by one officer making fun of me. After a few weeks, he stopped me in the hall of the police headquarters and told me that he would have never came back to work. He also told me that he would never bother me again on the subject. The Lord has ways of taking care of bullies.

Our children face these types of bullies too. But we never faced some of the bullies that they do. There are bullies that called cyber bullies. These breed of bullies because you as a parent may or may not know about them.

I may going to make some remarks that will help you as parents and your children may not like. But it is needful. Many of your children have cellphones. You may not know who your children are calling or getting calls. But as parents you are the responsible one that must give an account to the Lord how you raise your children. This includes their cellphones. Most of you are paying for their phones. You have the right to look. You are paying the bill. If you have done this, you should. My oldest two did not cellphones. Seth did when he went to work and he paid the bill. Tell your children that you will be looking at their calls each week. So they should not delete them. You can find out their calls because most cellphones companies have your calls both going and coming on them. Let them know that if they delete calls then take their phones. Remind them that you have to give an answer to the Lord.

This also brings us to another area. It is the use of the internet. You should put the computer in the room where the family is. No matter how good your children are, they will do the wrong thing just like you did. But the internet is a good tool but it has many cyber bullies on it and your children could be affected by them. So you need to protect them. There are programs that prevent them from getting to your children and your children to them.

I know I have stepped into some areas that may upset you. But you know I am telling you the truth.

Pastor Mike Walls
Isaiah 41:10
Freedom Baptist Church Smithfield NC